Recommended OB/GYN Doctors & Licensed Midwives in the Orlando Area

Whether you're looking for a midwife, a doula or an OB/GYN, A New Image Baby is here to point you in the right direction. Hundreds of our moms to be have used these providers and we feel confident and comfortable referring our patients to them.

If you have any questions for us we'd love to answer them! Simply use the chat request in the lower left corner of the screen or visit our contact page.

Be sure to check back often as we will be adding many more resources to this area in the near future!

Orlando Licensed Midwives:

1. Natural Design Midwifery
April Williams
MW236 - 1132 Hoffner Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 902-8561
(407) 264-8487

2. Commonsense Childbirth & The Birth Place
Jennie Joseph LM ,CPM (Clinical Director)
213 S. Dillard Street, Suite 340, Winter Garden, FL 34787
(407) 656-6938
    Fax: (844) 560-2349
    Web (The Birth Place):
    Web (Commonsense Childbirth):

3. Easy Access Clinic
2116 S. Orange Avenue. Ste B, Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 656-6938
(844) 560-2349

OB/GYN Care:

1. Dr. Alex Rojas
    Address: 805 E Oak St # 1, Kissimmee, FL 34744
    Phone: (407) 933-0021

2. Dr. Ruben Santiago
    Address: 3078 Dyer Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34741
    Phone: (407) 518-1097

3. Dr. Pamela Cates-Smith
    Address: 4401 S Orange Ave #108, Orlando, FL 32806
    Phone: (407) 207-5717


1. Doulas of Orlando
    Phone: (321) 804-2969

Adoption Information (Families/Mothers)

Considering adoption for your child is one of the most difficult and selfless decisions a birth mother can make. The LegalPerson team appreciates this sacrifice and believes it is important that birth moms feel included in the development and outcome of adoption plans to the greatest extent possible.

At LegalPerson, we focus on your needs and the needs of your baby while giving you all of the choices you deserve. Our team educates you on the differences of an open or closed adoption.  Understanding what's involved, what it all means, and keeping birth moms fully informed of the process prior to entering into an adoption plan is our main focus when working with birth mothers.

Recognizing that many birth moms struggle to make ends meet and your adoption decision is in part because you know you are unable to provide stability for an unborn child, we negotiate adoption plans between birth moms and adoptive parents to achieve the best adoption experience for all parties.

There is no judgment in adoption. LegalPerson supports your choice on the type of adoptive family you desire. We work with families of all types, sizes and structures. Feel confident in your choice as we provide a strong and nurturing team behind you. This is your pregnancy and we are here to support you through this journey.


Ashley Filimon, P.A. - Dedicated Adoption Attorney
Call or Text: (321) 263-7747




Karen Evans - Paralegal & Dedicated Adoption Liaison 
Phone: (407) 801-5022