Aquas Images by Alex

Alex Knighton is the founder and principle photographer of Aquas Images. She gratuated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and after working as an engineer for 5 years, she left to persue her passion in photography full time.

Although she is most notably known for her maternity photography and artwork, being featured in major companies like Munaluchi/Munamommy, Alex prides herself in making ALL women feel beautiful through photography in EVERY STAGE of their lives.

“I’d like to think of myself as a Woman’s Celebration Artist! Whether it’s maternity, matrimony, lifestyle transformation, branding, or simply a birthday and more; they are ALL perfect reasons capture them with photography, so the beauty of that moment can be celebrated over and over again.”

Alex is also very passionate about doing her part to ensure woman can easily access resources to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Aquiring partnerships with Doulas, Midwifes, Health and Wellness Coaches, Yoga Studios, Business Consultants, and more, her goal is to use photography to bring awareness to the importance of intentionally seeking a healthy lifestyle so all woman can be beautiful inside AND out!